lil' Sherman - Dev v0.8

Another busy week at Dabster Entertainment, below are a few updates to lil’ Sherman.

  • Updated Tiger Tank model with higher resolution, tank will be textured next dev video
  • Mini-Map currently in development
  • Testing new weapons for lil’ Sherman that will be accessible in the garage
  • Rockets now home in on enemies
  • Artists are currently working to raise resolution of all environment assets
  • Audio mixer implemented with separation of all audio files
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Working on player save slots
  • Development of the garage upgrade system
  • Added tank tread particle effect
  • Currently updating all game enemies and adding asstes to the environment.

    lil' Sherman - Dev v0.7

    This has been a busy week, below are just a few of the items we knocked out!

  • Added mission capabilities
  • Updated icons
  • Added and adjusted sound effects
  • Updated various destroy effects
  • Command center takes damage
  • Updated patrol routes for tiger tanks
  • Slowed lil’ Shermans speed down
  • Added mission indicator to the build area
  • Added various death animations
  • Added walls to world so lil’ Sherman doesn’t fall out :)
  • Developed new audio system
  • Added skill tree
  • HQ radar dish now rotates
  • Added rules section
  • Added mini lil’ Sherman to HUD
  • Added cannon cool off and timer icon
  • lil' Sherman - Dev v0.6

    This weeks game development video shows our progress with advanced enemy AI, convoy pathfinding, acquiring resources and placing deterrents.

    lil' Sherman - On Discord

    Join lil’ Sherman’s community on Discord to contribute to the game's development, interact with the team and sign up to be an Alpha Tester.

    lil' Sherman - Dev v0.5

    This weeks development video shows our progress with enemy AI, spawn points and pathfinding. We’ve also placed in some Unity 3D water and a particle waterfall for temporary aesthetics.

    lil' Sherman - Dev v0.4

    Listening to some 40's radio announcements while working on lil' Sherman's UI.

    lil' Sherman - Dev v0.3

    Quick look at some of lil' Sherman's upgrades, courtesy of our 3D artist Thomas.

    lil' Sherman - Dev v0.2

    Currently working on lil' Sherman's camera positioning. We considered top down, but after driving lil' Sherman around the game map we realized how fun it was.